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We love our groups because they provide both the help and connection for people to others.

Check out our Strengthen your Health, Relationships and Family – Groups Gatherings and Services in our 16-page booklet and our Events Page has all of the dates.

Circle of Security Parenting

Do you want to learn new ways to respond to your child’s behaviours, recognise their needs and strengthen their connection.

Circle of Security Parenting is an early childhood program that helps build a secure attachment and relationships with your child.  This can lead to future benefits including increased empathy, greater self-esteem, better relationships with peers and parents, school readiness, management of emotions.

Check our Events Page for more details and upcoming dates.

  • A time for parents or carers and their little ones.
  • A time of play all together.
  • A time apart
  • A time for little ones to be cared for in creche.
  • A time for a parenting help-tip.
  • A time for a cuppa.
  • A time… a moment in time.

Love for you to join our Circles Group.

Check our Events Page for more details and upcoming dates.

Onwards and Upwards Children’s Group

Onwards and Upwards Children’s Group is a resilience building group to help children who have been exposed to stressful situations at home or in their community. The group sessions are held in a relaxed, fun and creative therapeutic space. The children will learn coping skills, improve self-esteem, better communication tools with a focus on learning protective behaviours to help them navigate through life.

This group is for children who are in year 3 to year 6.

For more information regrading the group please call 9550 0900 and our administration team will be able to assist you.

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